A green future for telecoms

Powerhouse solutions will significantly reduce your electricity bills – while helping you demonstrate your company’s corporate social responsibility and green credentials.

What We Do

Tomorrow’s Energy, Today

As the leader in digital energy, we are on a mission to empower the telecoms industry with technology and infrastructure that will radically reduce your company’s carbon footprint – and ultimately – decarbonise the digital experience. But instead of a traditional centralised energy system, we are revolutionising the market with a virtual power plant known as the Powerhouse Energy Cloud.

Carbon Neutral Telecoms

The Energy Cloud is the first ever community network with widespread renewable power generation and advanced storage capabilities – one that works synergistically with the grid and seamlessly channels the flow of renewable energy between participants based on supply and demand. As grid electricity costs continue to soar and business margins are squeezed, there’s never been a better time to harness renewable technologies and implement a more robust, long-term energy strategy.

How We Deliver

Digital Decarbonisation

The Roadmap To Decarbonisation​

The Powerhouse Energy Cloud

Our virtual power plant optimises a distributed network of renewable energy generation, consumption and storage and seamlessly channels energy based on supply and demand.

A Community Grid

Join our dedicated telecommunications energy network. Energy is cheaper, greener and more reliable for all participants as well as the communities near your telecom towers.

Affordable Electricity

As 5G is rolled out across all markets, energy consumption for telecommunications companies is set to increase. However, with our power network, telecommunication companies can mitigate against the risk of fluctuations in the grid tariff.

A Sustainable Future

Incorporate renewable technologies such as solar, wind turbines and lithium-Ion batteries into your energy mix, optimise your energy demand, and take a decisive step towards carbon neutrality in line with Paris agreement commitments.

Help Balance the Grid

Get complete control of your energy for 20 years, as well as peace of mind that the Energy Cloud is facilitating a more secure, balanced network that’s responsive to your energy needs.

Trade in real-time

Unlock opportunities and get the best value for your electricity with access to the Energy Cloud, which uses a machine-learning algorithm to analyse the profile of each of our participants, up to 8000 times per second.

About Us

At Powerhouse we have the scope and expertise to develop, own and manage a distributed network of energy assets for digital infrastructures that integrate seamlessly with tower sites. As a result, we also participate in the balancing and reserve market and collaborate with the national grid to help through the availability and affordability of green energy.

We have a global coverage, including a large presence in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and our portfolio of clients encompasses thousands of implemented sites in power and telecoms, delivered to more than 60 operators and vendors in more than 50 countries.

We have a professional team with more than 4,500 specialists around the world who are experts at what they do. They are led by:

Philippe Berard, Founder & Director

Philippe has spent his career in technology, starting in telecoms, fintech and energy management. His experience spans sales, mergers and acquisition, and financial services, in markets around the world including France, United Kingdom, EU, Middle East and ASIAPAC. In 2013 he successfully founded an energy management company focusing on the residential market, which he sold 3 years later and is now funded by BP. As part of that business, Philippe patented a load disaggregation solution based on machine learning algorithms applied to steady and transient currents.

Green energy via a virtual power plant

Our virtual power plant, otherwise known as the Energy Cloud, is the key to decarbonising your telecom infrastructure. It works by aggregating all the renewable energy assets in the portfolio – namely powerful utility-grade solar farms and advanced energy storage technology. We then manage and balance the energy production across all our sites for optimal generation, consumption and storage. The result is enhanced grid stability with services that match supply and demand.

Integrate solar farm power in the mix

We build utility-grade solar farms ranging from 5 MW to 30 MW where there is land available, both on your telecom tower sites and in the local area. We’ll then manage and coordinate everything from the engineering, design and procurement (EPC) right down to a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement, which ensures you have a long-term electricity agreement you’re happy with.

Peace of mind with on-site power solutions

We can manage all your on-site energy assets to provide ‘Energy as a Service’ and ‘Battery as a Service’ in line with the SLA’s of a managed service contract – one that you have agreed and meets your exact needs. As part of the service, we will retrofit your telecom towers and swap out any diesel generators or acid lead batteries with newer, greener technologies such as solar panels. Any excess energy produced by your tower site is then made available to the rest of the portfolio.

24/7 operations & maintenance support

Our service to you continues throughout the duration of your contract with us. It means once we have installed new energy efficient equipment at your telecoms tower sites, our team of engineers will continue to maintain it. This includes anything from checking the wiring, to battery capacity planning, to make sure you always have an efficient, reliable power source in place.

Offset CO2 emissions with carbon credits

The telecoms industry still relies heavily on conventional energy sources such as coal, gas, oil and nuclear. And while implementing Powerhouse solutions will significantly lower your carbon footprint and set you on the path to decarbonisation, you may want to offset some or all of what remains. Through carbon credit trading, you have the option to buy carbon credits that finance projects which absorb or reduce CO2 around the world to compensate for any unavoidable CO2 emissions you emit.

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